August - Update

Well we were back with a bang this month. We have had 2 markets back to back and we are starting to adapt to the new normal.

Last week (8th August) saw us at a new venue, for us anyway, the Mansion House in Calderstones Park. This was a bit of a "toe in the water" for the Mansion House to see how things might go and what they would need to do if they wanted to run a regular market there.

From our point of view it was a success so if the want to try it again we will - subject to availability be willing to make a return visit. We will let you know more as we find it out.

This weekend gone (15th August) we returned to Chester with Taste Cheshires first post covid-19 market. All very well organised - Thank you Briony - with a one way system and social distancing implemented with plenty of signage and hand sanitiser available.

As we say still getting used to the new normal of having to wipe products after handling and it is a bit funny people trying to smell soap without trying to pick up the bars. If you are at any of our markets please please feel free to hold and smell the products - then pop them in the basket provided so we can clean them before returning to the display.

We will update the events page as soon as we get some confirmed dates. At the moment the only confirmed date is 3rd October at the Vegan Market to be held in Chester.

And finally, below is our lovely soaper in her fetching faceshield - even colour matched to her poloshirt taken at Chester yesterday. Everyone take care and hopefully see you soon.


16/08/2020  13:42



APRIL - Update

Tudor Beauty make wonderful natural soaps.

We strive to provide natures finest and follow through natures gift in our soaps.

We promote good hygiene by washing with our gentle range of soaps for all skin types.

We know that using our soaps will cleanse gently, wash bacteria, fungus, yeast and fight against viruses.

We also say that buying and supporting small craft business that are compliant with UK/EU Regulations that you buy in the knowledge that as a producer our products are safe, even for the most sensitive of skins.


11/04/2020  18:01




While we may not be trading at any markets at the moment that doesn't mean that we at Tudor Beauty are sat round doing nothing. We needed to obtain some additional storage/display trays for our soaps. Here are some pictures of them being finished off.

The first shows the base being trimmed to size.

Then the edges being rounded over.

Finally the trays being stacked ready for filling with our lovely soaps.

Obviously given the number of trays we needed, 16 in all, it was not practical on this occasion for recycled wood to be used. However the wood used was FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. For more information on what this certification means click on the link below.

03/04/2020  15:21




This announcement is for ONLY for people living on the Wirral Peninsula.

As most if not all the Markets we attend have been cancelled for the forseeable future we have decided to help out our locals buyers.

We have decided that if you place an order of £15 or more, once payment has been made we will deliver directly to you at no cost. No physical contact will be required and we will organise delivery with you when you order.

Deliveries outside the area will go on as normal through Royal Mail 2nd class proof of posting etc. Either way click on the postman below to submit your order.

Lets be safe health aware people.
Tudor Beauty team.

22/03/2020  15:39




Given the guidance on social distancing it is worth mentioning that online orders whether via our Facebook page or our through the website are still going on as normal. So Shop away.

Any changes to arrangements due to the ongoing public health concerns Tudor Beauty will advise accordingly. Specifically the cancellation of any upcoming markets.


17/03/2020  17:01




Well we enjoyed 2 markets in the last 2 weeks. Firstly at the Grosvenor Shopping Centre and then last weekend at Ness Botanic Gardens. Sorry there are no photos but hopefully after the next market we will get some posted.

17/03/2020  16:54




Here at Tudor Beauty we are all becoming aware of the outbreak of Coronavirus. To make it clear we are not medical experts or specialists in that field. However a number of people have enquired as to the best soap to use when washing.

So as always when we can we would like to give information as best we can. The below link is a trusted NHS webpage on good practice in hand-washing technique so if unsure visit this page using the link below

As for Tudor Beauty's soap, it is advised that soap with antibacterial properties be the ones used when cleansing and washing. If you have any concerns or wish to make a choice. The following are the soaps we sell that have reputed antibacterial properties:

Tea Tree & Eucalyptus
Pure Goatsmilk Castile
Tudor Beer
Lemon & Peppermint
Coconut Buttermilk
Pure Castile
Honey & Oatmeal
Carrot & Turmeric

03/03/2020  14:22




There has been an update to the trading times at the Taste of Cheshire Food Fiesta for the weekend 6th, 7th and 8th of March has been posted on the events page.

The 8th is the same day as the Chester 10k race. So for any runners who bring along their race number they will get a 20% discount on the day on any purchase.

Just a small reminder. The Food Fiesta is taking place in the Grosvenor Shopping Centre and NOT in front of the Town Hall where the Taste of Cheshire markets are usually held.

27/02/2020  20:03




OK bad news about this weekends market in Chester. Due to the forcast bad weather Taste of Cheshire have cancelled the event. Sad I know but they are only thinking about the safety of their traders and our customers. However they have also confirmed the market dates for the rest of the year.

So we have updated the events page with all the Chester market dates.

13/02/2020  19:11




We are pleased to announce that we have our first retail supplier.

After attending their Christmas event we we invited by Ness Botanical Gardens to supply a selection of our soaps for them to retail.

While at the moment they are only selling four of our soaps you never can tell where it will end. So there is somewhere on the Wirral you can pick up our soaps every day of the week.

We have also updated the events page with our next few markets

31/01/2020  20:08



NEWS FLASH ----------- NEWS FLASH ------------ NEWS FLASH

Last minute news. This weekend - Sunday 26th we will be back at St Lukes in Liverpool AKA the Bombed Out Church.

For the second year in a row we will be there for the Chinese New Year Market. You will find us easy to spot as we will be in the big purple gazebo.

Next week we will be giving an update on our first tie-up where you can by our products so check back for more details or just go to the facbook page.

21/01/2020  18:27



Well we have updated the products pages this week

A number of prices have increased, unfortunately, which are reflected on the products webpages. We have also removed a couple of soaps that we no longer make.

From now on we will only be providing one size of soap tray - the last of the stock of the larger size will of course be sold off over a period of time so if you want a larger tray you'll have to snap it up soon.

We have also introduced a new vegan soap - Oatmilk, it does contain oats - but no milk.

15/01/2020  21:56



Well we are into the new year.

As part of our "winter break" we are reviewing which soaps we make and sell and which we are no longer going to produce. As a result we have a number of special offers on end of line soaps at up to 50% of the normal price.

Obviously these soaps are made to the same standards as all our other soaps but are only available in limited quantities.

We will also be putting our gift sets up on the website over the next couple of days - there may even be some bargains available. So keep checking for details.

05/01/2020  19:17



Just a quick point.

We are not actually closing till February - we are just not going to be at any markets or fairs. So we are still available for you to buy from us online. See the information pages for details on online shopping.

16/12/2019  11:35



As promised we are rounding the year up after the fair at Ness Gardens. We are now having a couple of months off.

We will next appear at the Taste of Cheshire market on the 3rd Saturday in February, and then every 3rd Saturday through the year.

We are going to be looking for more markets for next year maybe a little further afield so any suggestions for possible locations contact us either through the facebook page or by email.

So signing off wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with a few photo's from Ness.

15/12/2019  21:59



Well where has the time gone.

We have had a great if a little chilly Friday evening out in Crewe. It was a little further away than normal but we had a good range of visitors to our stall so thank you for visiting us.
Also a big thanks goes out to Briony, the organiser from Taste Cheshire for being there when we arrived and keeping us up to date over the course of the evening.

We followed this night out the following day with our annual local village Christmas Fair in Bromborough.

Organised by the BVCA its a chance to put life into the village, yet again a big shout out to the volunteers who make this event possible. For us its a chance to meet some of our longest standing customers, put something back into the village and meet some new customers. We will of course be back in June for the Summer Fair.

So our final event of the year draws close which is at Ness Gardens. This is a bit of a step into the unknown as it's the first year they have had a fair/market so a bit of an experiment all round.
Of course its not all about selling - making contacts and explaining what we are about is just as important as we want people to understand what we mean when we say we are selling natural handmade soap.

We will provide a final update on the year after the Ness Gardens event and hopefully give people an idea of our plans for the year ahead.

05/12/2019  20:28



Just a quick update on events.

The next 2 events at Thornton Hough have been cancelled, However we have added a new event at Crewe. Its a little further afield than usual so we'll report back afterwards.

03/10/2019  19:09



Well hard to believe its a month since we last posted. Since then we have been at Thornton Hough, The Bombed out Church again and yesterday back to Chester outside Chester town hall.

We met some really nice people, especially the lovely lady from Scotland and shared many a lollipop, visitors to the stall all know about this.

We have updated the events list - at the moment October is empty as we are preparing for Christmas, however we may be popping up at a couple of markets. Please remember we can always be contacted either by email or through our facebook page if you have any questions.

As usual signing off with a couple of photos from yesteday.

22/09/2019  14:23



Sunday 18th August found us at St Lukes in Liverpool, The Bombed Out Church. This was our first time there since the running of the market was taken over by The Makers Market.

It was also the first outing for our new gazebo - yes it is very purple and yes it really does stand out. Hopefully people will get lots of opportunities to see us out and about when we can use it and pop in to say hello, or just get out of the rain.

It will make its next appearance Sunday 25th at the Makers Market event at Carriage Works in Chester

Oh just to let everyone know - our newest member of staff was only under the table for a couple of minutes yesterday while her mum dismantled the buggy and got organised.
19/08/2019  14:57



Today we were at the Taste Cheshire Market in Chester. Just a couple of images from today. One of the roman tour guides hard at work

Two the latest member of our team having a little nap under the table

17/08/2019  22:12



Another great day at Thornton Hough last week - our young assistants stood in for us as we were with our youngest daughter as she presented us with our newest grand daughter.

next weekend is a double header. On Saturday 17th August we will be at the taste cheshire market

Then on Sunday 18th August we are back at the Bombed out Church in Liverpool this time at a Makers Market event.

08/08/2019  18:11



Well we are back from the Taste of Cheshire 3 day Chester Event

Click on the link to see some images. As you will see the the weather on the first day was a little extreme. It did improve over the next 2 days though.

It was nice to meet some new people and even nicer still some returning customers. Its great to find people who are impressed enough with our products to hunt us down to buy more.

22/07/2019  19:32



Ok as promised below are links to some images.

Firstly from the Wirral Food and Arts Market at Thorton Hough Village Hall

Secondly the Makers Market held at the Chester carriage works, which in case you have never been there is just by the train station.


02/07/2019  15:06



Well that was a hectic week and I totally failed to post the promised pictures from Thornton Hough. Yesterday we had another new event to attend. It was a Makers Market event at the carriage shed in Chester.

On what was supposed to be a day of sunshine and gentle breezes it turned out to be sunny and very very breezy. Our gazebo would have gone for a burton if not for the lovely man from "To Pie For" who provided us with some extra weights.

Then a few minutes later one of the organisers came round with even more weights, so a big thumbs there. Even so we ended up have to remove the canopy just to be on the safe side as the wind really did pick up later on.

Still a good day, lots of new customers as well as some old ones came along and some 'future customers' just looking and having a good natter to about soap.

Its great to explain what we are about and we are always ready to chat - plus handing out the odd sweetie to patient dads, husbands, partners and any one else left hanging around as their wife, girl or boy friend etc is exposed to the full force of our chief soap maker.

Now having a couple of weeks off before our 3 day mega Taste of Cheshire Market on the 19th 20th and 21st of July - Hopefully see you there. I will also get some pictures up over the next few days - promise.

01/07/2019  21:39



Home from a great day in Thornton Hough. Met loads of new people at a really friendly event run by Wirral Food & Arts Market.
It was our first time with this market and Layla couldn't have been more helpful. We need to see where this fits into our events schedule but all being well will be back either at Thorton Hough or their other locations.

We will post up some photos in the next few days.

23/06/2019  20:20



In case you want to ever chase us down then the third Saturday of the month finds us at the Taste Cheshire market in chester. Here is a little article about some of the traders and their produce, some of it very yummy, we even get a sneaky little mention in the article as well.

14/06/2019  18:21



Just had confirmation that we are going to be at the Makers Market in Chester on Sunday 30th June. This event is to be held at the Carriage Shed just by Chester Station. There is an information link below to the Makers Market web page.

Hopefully you can come along and see us there.

07/06/2019  12:48



A Quick update on one of the events we are going to be at.
We have a confirmed booking for the Wirral Food & Arts Market at Thornton Hough.

Full details are:

Date: 23rd June 2019

Location: Thornton Hough Village Hall
Thornton Hough

Times: 10:00 to 15:00


Free Entry
Free Parking

04/06/2019  16:29



As some of you know the soap trays that Tudor Beauty sells are hand made on the Wirral and when picking up our latest batch we took the opportunity for a quick Q&A.

Q. Why did you start making things in wood?

A. Though I was always interested in woodworking it is only since I took early retirement that I've had the time to spend time doing things I had always been interested, in this case woodworking.

Q. So you weren't a skilled woodworker.

A. Not at all. I've always been practical but my wife enrolled me on a basic carpentry course at college and I invested some money in tools and away it went.

After watching some of our next batch of Soap Trays evolves it prompted a couple of further questions.

Q. I see you use power tools to make the soap dishes is that not cheating.

A. I know some would say if you are 'hand making' then power tools are a no no, but I disagree. I still have to route, cut and sand the wood by hand, using power tools just speeds things up and makes it practical and affordable to make things.

Q. How do you source the wood for products?

A. I generally use either second hand wood, builders skips can provide a host of useful off cuts as well as reclaimed wood from the demolition or refurbishment of old buildings or where I use new wood making sure it is FSC accredited.

Q. So what is FSC accredited wood,

A. That's quite a complex question but basically its wood that has been produced 'ethically' and attempting to minimise the impact of its cultivation on the environment.

Q. So when Tudor Beauty asked you about sustainable wood and if you could use to make our Soap Trays, it was an easy leap on your part.

A. Absolutely.

Tudor Beauty collected our batch of Soap Trays off our maker with the knowledge that we can have the confidence we can tell you the customer that like our soaps they have been produced locally and ethically.

29/05/2019  21:26



Wonderful day for Tudor Beauty at Taste Cheshire Market at the foot of Chester Town Hall steps.
Weather stayed fine although overcast, but you the public with those smiles and vibrancy make each market special.
Thank you to Tori who was todays organiser.
Little picture of the market in general included.

We will be back with Taste Cheshire Market for the festival on the 19th, 20th & 21st July 2019

18/05/2019  19:12



Sunday 12th May 2019 Bombed Out Market of St Luke's Church Liverpool. Wow! The weather was fabulous when only days before felt like depths of winter. Tudor Beauty loves this venue with special organisers such as Laura and Ambrose.

Hi to my fellow traders, you make it special also. As always, you the public in Liverpool are special indeed.

'Hi' to those fabulous American tourists we met and wished we had more time to spend with you.

This vibrant place is full of different cultures and what makes the BOC all the more special.

12/05/2019  18:18



Just a special thank you for all of the art work used on the site. They may be only little icons on the page but each of these is from an original watercolour artwork produced for Tudor Beauty.

Also a technical shoutout to for a couple of really nice scripts to help with the functionality of the site and a few useful css hints and tips.

10/05/2019  16:15



Throwback Monday.
This was our stall all set up at the bombed out church for the Chinese New Year.

06/05/2019  20:13



Just a heads up that we are going to be at the Taste Cheshire Farmers Market this month, Saturday 18th May, see the link.

It will be great to see as many new and old customers as possible.

So see you all there.

06/05/2019  16:27



OK don't forget that we are going to be at the The Bombed Out Church market this weekend, Sunday 12th May, information link below.

Hopefully you can come along and see us there.

06/05/2019  12:07



Welcome to the first blog entry for the relaunched Tudor Beauty website. Over the next few months we hope to keep you updated on what is happening, markets we are attending and any new products we may be launching. So keep watching.

06/05/2019  12:01